At the End of the Day

To repeat the ancient Slog mantra, “Harken not unto what the bastards say, but rather observe closely what they do“.

You always know where you are with virtue-signalling corporations, politicians and hacks: they always let you down. Applying the slogarithm about ‘show not tell’ to the banks at the moment, their behaviour is a giveaway as horribly obvious as the average male dog’s lipstick. When a large bank ignores a free £280,000 deposit of risk-free sight money, you know it’s no longer engaged in competitive financial capitalism….and when another biggie ignores a fraud complaint by a safe, solid HNW customer, you know it no longer cares what people think.

Wise and AXA banks respectively have their eyes on bigger paydays in which the currency is power. They can see the New Normal taking shape, and they have the scent in their nostrils. They care nought for the media or the Law. I have said repeatedly, “Don’t comply, complain”. But it dawned on me some time ago that this is more than slightly unfair of me: as we the 1in8 have long predicted, there is no longer any institution to which one can complain with even a scintilla of expected justice.

Nobody in their right mind should imagine that the dysfunctional nature of
unnecesarily complex tech these days is solely down to geeks who do things in
eccentric order, using three interchangeable terms when one bit of jargon is more
than enough.
Complexity leads to confusion, and software inadequacy leads to frustration,
tiredness and – eventually – compliance out of sheer boredom. Add media
codswallop to the formulation, and fear begins to take hold.
Reason leaves the theatre in panic halfway through the warm-up’s act, and after
that the stingers can use hardsell on the ignorant to convince them of the efficacy
of nanodebris in seeing off Wuhan biolab “gains of function”.
After today’s flagrant micro-examples of vicious Truth-insistence and consumer
neglect, I’m more convinced than ever that the die has been cast in the only game
in town. I clearly can’t trust my internet host any more than I would the anti-social
online media. So a rethink really is in order. I’m not retiring yet and I have no
intention of dying…but I do have important admin to put into place here on the
Smiling Coast….and a deal of creativity to be applied in ensuring my final pension
sum doesn’t wind up giving von Schlaphead any twisted satisfaction about
A bientot