Breaking out from the Echo Chamber

Time to stop preaching in the wilderness

The Slog examines the origins and motives of the Great Reset, the frightening level of compliance with the insane Covid19 and “vaccine” campaigns since 2020, and the examples of corporate State greed that preceded it. He concludes by announcing a different focus and direction for this site’s own version of ‘Build Back Better’.


In a world where 38% of all incomes in the West have seen a 23% drop in buying power since 1980, the response of politicians and fiscal bureaucrats of late has been to tinker around the edges of benefits, allow globalist food and energy suppliers to pump up prices because of shortages that don’t exist, and let inflation get well into double figures before they’re even prepared to notice it.

Last Saturday was WHO Global Patient Harm Day, designed to reduce the huge number of patients each year injured by medical intervention (50% of the total, and half of these severely). This is the same outfit in favour of mandatory vaccination for a disease of highly dubious origin that doesn’t warrant it, doesn’t cure it, doesn’t immunise against it, but does cause more linked deaths than any other self-styled innoculation in history.

The State – its executive body, administrative arm and sovereign assembly – is there to protect its citizens from unwarranted physical violence of every kind, but above all to make the first objective of all legislation the maximisation of potential for every person without prejudice. Yet globalist business (most notably the banks and Silicone Valley) are using artificial intelligence (AI) to fire staff and drive down customer service standards to completely unacceptable levels, despite a global level of unemployment that stands at 484 million people. In 2018 the number was 411 million – so the rate has gone from 5.3% to 6.2% in just four years – the highest since 1990.

Media – long referred to as the Fourth Estate – has traditionally been that part of the “free speech” social contract in which published “news” holds the State to account. The digitalisation of media has – in the space of only 29 years – destroyed the business models of traditional titles and broadcasters. This is turn has resulted in a concentration of information ownership where the number of key “ownership corruption” pressure- points has shrunk from 313 to 7. Beyond a very few online platforms, there is today no established media aperture free from Corporate State/Bourse control.

Why – since the early 1960s – have all these “élite tribes” been increasingly in the business of ignoring their prescribed role…rather than doing what’s best for the human species in general and electorates in particular?
They have behaved like this because, for them and their Gigarich cronies, only the related greed for power and money matters. Cunningly, they have co-opted (aka duped) the Green race-obsessed Left into tolerating totalitarian policies for the pursuance of ‘tackling’ largely mythical elements such as Global Warming, Overpopulation, White Supremacism, and Health Emergencies.

The three most important revolving-doors recruiters have been the banks, the bureaucrats and sovereign security agencies – aided massively by the output of Silicone Valley.
The most “useful” recruits are currently media owners, pharmaceutical sociopaths, racial extremists, “liberal” politicians, megalomanic billionaires and elected politicians of mediocre intelligence and over-developed opportunism.


The great majority of our electorates have been (thus far) accepting of the process – largely as a result of variously being lied to, gullible, employment-blackmailed, scared or distracted. To an extent (in my view, as yet nowhere near enough) there has been some physical action to stop the process of what Davos christened The Great Reset – farmer demonstrations, truckers blocking roads and so forth – and one or two minor-league politicians have been sacrificed on the altar of the much-vaunted New World Order. Equally, a few useful idiots like Jacinda Ardern have done rapid voltes-faces. But the determination of depopulator Bill Gates, Davos Bond villain Klaus Schwab and information fascist Mark Zuckerberg remains undiluted, albeit thinly veiled by “good” intentions.

It is still, however, a mystery to many that a good 70%+ of the public were (at least at first) completely taken in by it. The above factors being clearly important (especially employer blackmail) nevertheless I have read so many childlike and/or thoughtless pro-vaxx social media rants since early 2020, I have come to see other factors as being in play.

After eighteen years of professional commentary, anyone with antennae spots a typology out there in the murky madness this side of the Bedlam walls that becomes painfully easy to recognise over time. Things that are allegedly ‘trending’ on Twitter for example are crammed with them, and they use a selection of usually 10-15 scripts. They write like Oped Column respondents in newspapers of the 1980s, and just can’t resist terms like ‘simplistic, ‘numptie’, ‘Little Englander’, ‘thick’, ‘selfish’, ‘people like you’, ‘Angry of’ and all the rest of the Sturm Abteilung Groupthink designed to make a person feel threatened into compliance.

The use of Trolls like these is hard for States to deny, given that pretty much all of them were caught using hardsell private sector telemarketing forces to push hard on the duty and guilt buttons – a proven fact that makes anyone with a brain wonder why – if the Modernas and Pfizers of the world really had discovered the Elixir of Covid immunisation – they would need to spend a single red cent on marketing. After all, the most effective advertising claim of all time remains, “Buy me or you’ll die!”

The reality is this: very few if any ‘trending’ subjects on social media occur naturally: like the ‘spontaneous uprisings of peace loving peoples of Sovyet Union’ so familiar to we wrinklies from 1955-1980 epoch, they’re utterly false. Just as then and later, China would refer to all demonstrations in favour of liberty as ‘revisionist gangs of traitors in league with international capital’, so today Trudeau calls decent Canadians “fringe extremists” and Macron dismisses french bodily autonomy groups with “Your naive cries for freedom are my democratic millstone”. There’s not one jot of difference between the rigid ideology of then and the propagandic mendacity of today’s élites.

Another thing to be taken into account is mind alteration unrelated to the misuse of mass media. I’m talking about the reality-banisher of choice enjoyed by huge percentages of Western electorates: this can stretch all the way from prescription painkillers and tranquilisers via anti-depressant anxiolitics all the way through weed, coke and speed to every kind of alcohol.
I’ve raised this issue in other contexts before; people think I’m mad to go on about it, but they should re-examine the stats. What draws me towards the subject in this case is the known success of using the motivator of access to pubs and holidays – still the main binge occasions for many drinker typologies – in the marketing of mRNA drugs.

This world map shows two very clear correlations between drink, religion, political ideology and wealth on the one hand, and higher take-up of mRNA on the other.
The first is that between very limited use of alcohol, a dominance of Islam, and low uptake of anti-Covid “vaccines” – in short, where the weapon of “access to drink provision” was inappropriate, fewer citizens went for the newer drugs.
In the West – especially in former totalitarian nations – drinking levels are by and large abnormally high. Study after study has shown that, where invasive and/or dishonest government is pursued – and liberties are restricted or religion abandoned – the level of alcohol abuse increases.

Data for the UK are a particular case in point: after 2005 until 2016, the very high levels seen from 1970 onwards started to level off and even fall slightly. But with the crisis in public life standards and British traditions since then – first the Brexit vote and then the fear and revulsion caused by first Covid and then the vaccine horrors plus mandatory laws – the level has begun to rise again – interestingly, chiefly among people aged over 45 and over 60.

As for recreational drugs among British youngsters, while only about 14,000 citizens aged 14-25 turn to the State for help with drug misuse, this seems to be very much the tip of the iceberg. 38% of even 15 year olds have tried drugs, and a quarter of those use hard drugs. Over the last twelve months, 300,000 young Brits contacted government organisations about substance addiction.

In the 1840s, Karl Marx wrote, “Religion is the opiate of the people”. Since then, the influence of Christianity has been decimated. Today, he would probably think, ‘Opiates are the religion of the People’. The overall learning here is, ‘If you take away trust in public figures and the ethico-moral influence of religion, people turn to mind alteration’. If the State has to then use that disturbingly anti-social symptom to sell a medical cure, something is very badly out of kilter with their approach to a “health problem”.

The second correlation is between low uptake of mRNA drugs and poverty. This is partly due to limited government funds for such things in Second and Third World countries, but also without doubt due to citizen mistrust of government in the lower social strata of richer nations. Over nearly nearly three years now, I have asked low income people in France, Hungary, Greece, India and now Gambia whether they’ve been “vaccinated” against Covid19. 9 out of 10 hadn’t, and the reason was almost always an unwillingness to believe, or trust, the State’s motives.


I’ve been working against increasingly thinly veiled injustice since 2004. In that year, Scottish Widows mis-sold (wonderful verb, that) a bond to me. It cost me nearly £50,000 in losses. I never got it back.
Soon afterwards I became aware of plans by the Labour government to break promises made to UK State female pensioners half a century earlier. I was confident that – once the circumstances were more widely known – the government would have to backtrack. It didn’t. The Tory administration that followed merely enlarged the fraud via the nasally-charged antics of George Osborne. Nearly 2.3 million women were forced to wait a further six years for their pension – with no plans made.

The myriad bank wobbles of 2008 revealed a banking system that had been risking retail deposits by (variously) lending wildly to anyone walking upright, indulging in mad derivative exchanges and plunging willy-nilly into sectors they simply didn’t understand. Around the world, $23 trillion of taxpayers’ money was needed to bail them all out. No sensible account has yet been offered as to where that money went. It was seen at the time as “the end of the line for banking greed”. In fact, within eight months they were awarding themselves huge bonuses again, and once more fooling around with sub-prime lending – this time in the auto sector.

An incoming social democrat Greek government informed Brussels during 2010 that they could no longer maintain the management of their sovereign debts. The vast majority of unrepayable loans were given by French and German banks, but it was US banking firm Goldman Sachs that charged the Greeks a huge fee to develop a system of hiding the symptoms of borrowing way beyond the limits set by the ECB in Frankfurt. As the crisis deepened and talks between the EU Commission, lenders and Athens led to the election of a new leftist coalition in Greece determined not to get screwed, Mario Draghi at the ECB stabbed the negotiators in the front. Greek leader Tsipras’s family were threatened, and soon afterwards a financial Junta moved in to ‘run’ Greece as a colony.

This was the first sign of a media pack fully prepared to falsify the facts of the fiasco, demonise the Greeks as lazy cheats, and create a fictional narrative that convinced citizens unschooled in gangsterism. In the years since, Greece has been flagrantly asset-stripped – often to the advantage of bombastic EC crooks such as Guy Verhofstadt.

Behaviour like this by EU officials aided the continuing anti-immigration growth of UKIP, the only British Party committed to leaving the Union. Recently elected PM David Cameron (who feared more leakage from Tory to UKIP voting) spent much of the 2012-13 period touring the capitals of Europe to drum up support for increased democracy in the EU and reform of the more outlandish budgetary incontinence. The response of senior Sprouts and elected leaders was to suggest that Cameron should get lost.

So – confident that he’d win a UK referendum on membership – Cameron scheduled one for 2016. Despite massive Remainer slush funds for PR budgets, foreign vote pushers being imported, huge media bias against Leavers, a cameo role from Uncle Tombama and a Government leaflet “explaining” how wonderful the EU was, the Leave campaign won. Brexit was now going to happen. Allegedly.

What followed is familiar to most of us: having promised to see the process through, David Cameron was yanked off the stage with indecent haste, and a leadership contest began between Andrea Leadsom (full-on Brexiteer) and Theresa May (Deep State Home Office Remain voter). Under profoundly murky circumstances, Leadsom withdrew. May then proceeded to lick the EU Commission all over and come up with a withdrawal ‘deal’ that sold the voters down the river, split the Tory Party in two and led circuitously to the disaster that was Boris Johnson entering Number 10.

Since then we have seen a man with tertiary dementia elected US President by voting behaviours that don’t make sense, a global pandemic which was never a pandemic and is now generally viewed by serious commentators as man-made; a vaccine against it that obviously isn’t a vaccine; emergency mandation measures and lockdowns that were never justified; damning evidence of élite malpractice, increasingly blatant censorship, almost farcical demonisation of Putin, a confected war in Ukraine, further deliberate economic destruction, manipulated energy and food shortages, and galloping inflation.

But for me, mid 2020 was the triumphal moment when the unelected World Heist gang finally crawled out from under various cold, sweaty stones, ran to the highest hill, waved their willies about for all to see, and yelled “Gotchaaaa hahahahahaahah, we are the master Morlocks and you are all useless sleepwalkers hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa!”.

And then, with impeccable timing, the Queen died and global TV screens were set to the Queue – – Coffin – – Respect channel 24/7.
For a blogger waving a black flag frantically in an attempt to stop the encroachment of State Corporatism, it was a fitting end to eighteen years of failure.


This is my take-out from the foregoing in terms of a new focus for The Slog: “To Hell with the stats and the behaviours that make no sense and the obvious connection between raised death levels and vaccines, because nobody’s listening. And yes it is all a gigantic plot, but it’s too fantastic for Dick and Jane take on board. Stop banging your head against the Hoover Dam, enjoy the break from pain, and become a Reiner Fullmich.”

In four words, ‘Get the bastards indicted’. That is, after all, how they nailed Nixon.

But it doesn’t end there. All the Watergate scandal did was make the Wall St — MIC — CIA axis withdraw from the field to go underground again for a while. A victory at that level this time would be the sort of Pyrrhic mirage which, if you were to tap it, would be inaudibly hollow.
We have now reached the necessity of a Year Zero, ground-roots up approach.

This time around, we must pay heed to the more profound condition and apply not so much balm as napalm to the cure. Everything has to change – bourse quoted capitalism, fiat currencies, AI digital service, a new branch called Sovereign Law, breaking up the unelected spy camera surveillants, a purge of all educational politicisers to achieve quizzical civics not just blind acceptance, getting past oil commercially rather than via wishful vertigo, smaller community units, capitalism based more on mutuality…and on and on and on. As for such longer term stuff – I have neither the energy nor the years left in which to do it.

My focus is this: from here on, never miss an opportunity to make the extreme lowness of the lowest of the low abundantly clear.

Thanks for getting to the end of this longer than usual Slogpost.

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John Ward is nearly halfway through his eighth decade, and finally willing to accept that he is highly unlikely to leave the material world better than he found it. Two months ago – after a complex gestation period of nearly six months – he relocated to the Smiley Coast of Gambia. He intends to take full advantage of his good fortune in life by continuing to shine a harsh light on the Great Insects who have adopted human disguise in this, our century of The Selfie.