One of the most frequent arguments put forward by the pro-mRNA “anti-conspiranoid” tendency goes along the lines of, “Governments do a lot for us….pensions and health services, protecting the country from attack, making working life safer and so on….why on earth would they want to harm us with vaccines, when all they’re trying to do is help?”.

In this post, The Slog tries to show that for years, Big Business and banking has taken the credit for actions that hid an ulterior motive, and Big Government has learned from this corporate virtue-signalling hypocrisy. The more corporatocracy grows globally, the more diabolically ambitious the megalomaniac cooperative’s objectives have become.

The degree to which present behaviour in public office feeds off a past wherein there was, from time to time, genuinely well-meaning government philanthropy is remarkable. For the 7/8ths who prefer little kittens and fluffy clouds, it is a treacherous lifeline they cling onto: they just can’t bear to face the awful reality that the rope was cut many decades ago. It’s limp…but to pull on it would shatter their illusions. “See!” they exclaim, “It is the rope! It is still there! The good people are there to save us!”

The last UK Prime Minister I felt had the right motives (devious or not) was Harold Macmillan. The last US President who wanted to foster the best of America was Jimmy Carter. Harold Wilson lied about devaluation, Nixon lied about Watergate, Heath lied about price-cutting and the Three Day Week, Callaghan lied about the depth of our inflation crisis, Thatcher lied about the Belgrano, Reagan lied about wealth transfer, Bush Sr lied about his CIA past, and Tony Blair lied about everything….a technique eagerly grabbed by first Cameron and then the ultimate serious fibber Boris Johnson. Brussels has been lying about EU bank safety and sovereign debt for fifteen years, Macron lied about who funded his 2017 election victory. For the last three years, every bureaucrat, mainstream medium, Pharma wide-boy, senior Western politician (and a saddening number of doctors) has been lying about Covid19’s derivation, the minute kill-rate of Coronavirus, the danger and effectiveness of vaccines that are really bioweapons; and EUNATO as a group has made a corrupt second-rate actor a world hero while demonising a Russian patriot who doesn’t like tanks on his lawn, or vile attacks on Russian-speaking Ukrainians.

Tell people we are no longer a Presidential or Royal democracy – but rather a satanic marriage between neoliberal globalist greed and population/climate fanatics – and they insist the rope to the past is still there. It’s not broken, see? It’s just resting. It’s known for it, old rope. Beautiful plumage, yer guards at Buckingham Palace. God Bless America and God Save the Queen. Gott ist mit uns. Nous sommes unifiées contre le virus.

But the Truth is, almost all the actions taken by bankers, politicians, business leaders and blocist military officers in the Twenty First Century have been vulturous attacks on dead meat hidden behind a smiling mask of virtue.

Saddam Hussein was not a threat to Europe, the 2009 bank bailouts represented grand larceny, Gordon Brown did vapourise NHS losses by trickery, Tony Blair’s £13 billion Connecting for Health write-off was in fact £23 billion, Brussels annexed Greece to save Franco-German banks not the EU, Ivermectin was smeared to make money for Pharma not to save lives, lockdowns were a dry run for totalitarian control not a tactic to stop a virus, “vaccines” are a test of bioweapon effects carried out on humans, and the media are 100% for Zelenskyy not to stop Putin the planet gobbler but to hide the reality of Franco-American genocide developments in Ukrainian biolabs.

Climate panic, ‘overpopulation’, self-created ‘food shortages’ and 7th generation Covid strains are in turn just the latest weapons in this obscene cavalcade of excuses to take transhuman power over any single nationality or group, and carry out a heinous genocide such as to dwarf the attempts of Hitler and Stalin.

The key point I want to make today is that this is the end of a long trail of developing psychopathy DNA in public life…..not some nutjob random theory pulled out of a blue sky.

The Giga-rich globalist, corrupt government layers and docile media created by the neoliberal money-grab of the last twenty-five years have been lying bare faces (and laughing arses) off for most of it. But their tendency to privately cackle about the ‘they work for us’ fantasy goes back much further than that.

There were disgraceful medical experiments carried out on US blacks in the 1930s, patronising anthropological botches carried out on Aborigine children in 1940s Australia, and A-bomb explosions ‘observed’ by British call-up troops where Whitehall was extremely parsimonious with the Truth about exposure in the early 1950s. All of them were given the virtue-signal treatment.

In Britain as the new century dawned, various Pension ministers were cooking up a hush-hush programme of welching on State Pensioner promises made half a century earlier. Again, ‘action on the national debt’ was the virtue claim (and lots of lies about the notice given to the victims) but the financial welfare promise made to them was chickenfeed compared to Blair’s health losses, Brown’s accountancy fraud, and the Great Lake of covid expenditure…most of which was utterly unnecessary. Thus the pension smash-and-grab not only proved to be mendacious and self-seeking, it was also overshadowed by incontinent waste – which was in turn given the evil rationale of being “to save our NHS”. Kate Bingham insisted her “vaccine” was only for the most vulnerable: she then looked on silently from the shadows as (a) that promise was squashed and (b) the most vulnerable were being quietly seen off by having highly infectious Covid cases dumped into their care homes. This was, quite literally, mass murder.

I am a very lucky man. I was trained in persuasion techniques and spent 35 years monitoring what worked best. I also worked all told on 11 separate Government advertising projects; and both then (and later as a consultant) I met a broad cross-section of the reptiles masquerading as human beings across Whiteminster. Finally, I was extensively involved in the epidemiology of AIDS during the late 1980s.

In short, I know that these are not nice people. I know that their hardsell is (under ASA rules) illegal. And I know that their ‘science’ is balderdash. Sorry to labour the point, but it bears making.

I am thus hugely atypical in being forewarned and forearmed. And pretty well every behavioural oddity that I look into simply goes to illustrate that they work for themselves not for us. Covid and the Ukraine are not a blip: they were a nagging drip that grew into a busted dam of ethics.

Bizarrely, the corporate sector is now learning from the Surveillance State in terms of doing things for one reason, but claiming virtue. Every day, my smartphone has a panel saying “If you permit us to know your exact location, we can enrich your android experience”. Also, if you stick your fingers in an open wall plug, you too can get the perfect Afro look.

A very pertinent contemporary example of fake virtue is available for all to survey here in France. It is the issue of the 80 kph speed limit….brought in by the Boy King ‘to save lives’ in 2018.

On coming to power, Manny tried many schemes to solve France’s perenniel inability to stick to the EU fiscal rules after the Treaty of Lisbon. Pretty much all of them involved stealth taxes: he attacked the oilcos for profiteering petrol prices, but it soon emerged that his Government had ever so quietly increased the oil levy. This and a few other capers led to the rise of the Gilets Jaunes, whose sole objective was to end what they called “l’injustice fiscale” – unjust taxation. Macron used every trick in the book to smear the GJs as fascist and anarchic (an interesting exercise in contradiction), but as they went from strength to strength, he backed off and looked instead at the private motorist rather than the hauliers.

To this end, road travel speed cameras using flash photography were abandoned in favour of invisible infra-red shots – and the total number was trebled. New online payment systems were devised that incentivised quick payment but deducted fewer licence points… but the actual fine costs crept up over time. Essentially, the President was out to increase volume of offences, fine per crime and numbers of offenders on the road.

However, Macron’s life-saver was a solution in search of a problem. Road deaths in France had been falling steadily since 2006. In the first full year after the new limit (2019) 3,244 people died in French roads…..just four people less than 2018 (3,248). However, successfully prosecuted fines leapt by 30%.

In 2020, deaths on the road fell by 15%, and Macronites hailed it as a success. But this too was a lie: due to Covid movement restrictions, traffic was well over 20% down. Accidents per vehicle thus actually went up.

With fewer draconian laws as 2021 proceeded, deaths fell by less than 1% in a traffic weight still reduced by 12%. Again, the policy was a failure.

With four months reporting in for 2022, the death total is on target to be three motorists less than the 2018 figure….not a phrase I like to use where death is concerned, but it must be employed in this case: that number is statistically insignificant.

However, the average fine now for speeding is a whopping €180 – or €140 if you pay à toute vitesse. Last year, total fine income rocketed to more than a billion euros….a 50% increase in just three years. With a total adult population of the country at 67 million, the percentage of lives saved is a silly number involving endless noughts to the right of the decimal point.

But each year, the 80 kph law raises a cool billion – and for the French exchequer, from here on that is being achieved with no rising costs at all, because only robots and AI online collection are involved.

There’s a clue there as to what’s going on along the rocky road to the New Normal. The virtue here is an almost 100% lie: machines are simply milking the French. There is no substantive difference at all between this law, and insane insistence on “vaccinating” sub 12 year old children whose chance of dying from Covid19 is less than 1 in 3 million. To save 3-4 lives a year out of 67 million on Gallic roads is costing the average driver throughout France €12 per annum. Call me heartless, but I think that is a tax increase based on homeoepathic social benefit.

The truth is that the country’s road deaths are overwhelmingly due to tailgaiting and hopelessly unwise overtaking, not overall speed levels. If the issue here were road safety, why disguise the presence of cameras, and why reduce the licence points deducted? The sole aim is to maximise penalty rates and money raised. It is no leap at all from there to asking why – if Covid19 is a health issue – the early-infection use of Ivermectin was vehemently rejected despite its spectacular success in early treatment of the virus in Africa.

Every single anomaly in the “deadly pandemic” fairy tale, and every hole in the moth-eaten Covid narrative, has already been covered in these columns, most notably here and also here and yet again here.

What I’m positing (with an avalanche of evidence to support my case) is that trust in Government in the First World is based solely on a distant past. Think on this: when he was the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson covered up appalling paedophile abuse at the Elm House childcare centre, industrial scale phone tapping at the Murdoch Sun and News of the World, mafia eviction tactics at a major Haringey property development, and fraudulent Tim Yeo taxi emission data to help a fellow-Tory and screw London cabbies. Biden’s level of familial corruption in Ukraine’s political cockfight is legendary. Christine LaGarde is a convicted felon who has yet to be punished in any meaningful way. Bill Gates is inextricably linked to the late Jeffrey Epstein and vaccine experiments among lower-caste Indians. Peter Mandelson remains hugely implicated in grand theft committed during the Irish Peace talks. Zelenskyy, Trudeau, Hancock, Ardearn and dozens of other power-brokers have long associations with Davos. The Clintons have a positive correlation with sudden deaths among those who cross them. The longtime German leader Angela Merkel lied serially about her past as an enthusiastic Jugendführerin under the East German Communist régime.

Can all of this be ‘wild conspiracy theory’?

That’s a matter for you: but if you accept my logic (and I don’t often ask this of Sloggers) then please, please, PLEASE share this post with every compliance fan you know. In that regard, I am shamelessly weaponising this ancient adage from Corinthians XIII, verse XI:

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things”

Thank you for reading this. Good luck to all of you.